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Reference apps, videos, and hands on tutorials

Happy Hour Tutorials

If you're new to Punch (Cocktail), you'll definitely want to have a look at the Happy Hour tutorials. MVVM, convention over configuration, view composition, and screen navigation … they're all introduced here in short, easy-to-follow lessons that build progressively from a blank solution to a plausible application.

TempHire reference application

After you've finished Happy Hour and understand the core design patterns associated with Punch-built apps, you'll be ready for the Punch (Cocktail) reference application: TempHire.


TempHire is a reference architecture designed for medium-to-large business applications. It demonstrates a range of Cocktail capabilities including a Code First entity model, repository patterns, the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) presentation style, view composition, screen navigation, data-binding, validation, multiple editing contexts, multiple data stores, security, testing, and much more.


Watch the TempHire videos for a detailed walkthrough—provided by Senior Director of Professional Services and lead developer of Punch, Marcel Good, and V.P. of Technology, Ward Bell.