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You have our full support

We support you with an in-house team of software development professionals who know our products inside and out.

Every IdeaBlade technical employee contributes to our documentation on the DevForce Resource Center (DRC) and to the IdeaBlade DevForce forum. Every IdeaBlade technical employee answers support tickets—the CEO, the CTO, the VP of Technology, senior architects—everyone.

We know you want more than narrow technical answers; you want guidance. We use Punch (Cocktail) ourselves to develop applications for our customers. We recognize pitfalls and opportunities. We don’t stop at “how it works”. We discuss pros and cons, point to examples, and suggest better ways of doing things.


Access documentation, code samples, and tutorial videos at the DevForce Resource Center.

We grow these resources daily. We welcome requests for clarification, elaboration, and new topics.

Community forum

Ask questions in our StackOverflow forum and get real answers from our support engineers, our MVPs, and from developers just like you.

Developer’s blog

Punch developers share their thoughts on development, features, and best practices in the Punch Lounge.

TempHire reference app

TempHire, a data-rich multi-screen application for managing temporary staff, addresses advanced scenarios found in typical business applications.

TempHire demonstrates a range of Punch (Cocktail) capabilities including a Code First entity model, the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) presentation style, view composition, screen navigation, data-binding, validation, multiple editing contexts, multiple data stores, security, testing, and much more.

Watch the TempHire videos for a detailed walkthrough—provided by Senior Director of Professional Services and lead developer of Punch, Marcel Good, and V.P. of Technology, Ward Bell.

Professional services

We use Punch (Cocktail) ourselves to build WPF and Silverlight business applications for our customers. Until recently, we used Punch exclusively within our professional services practice. Now we’ve made it available to you for your own independent development.

Perhaps we can help you get more out of Punch and make faster progress. Our professional services team provides training, architectural guidance, application development, business analysis, and project management. Contact us today for a free consultation.